Bruno is an 9 year boy whose the son of a Nazi commandant who is forced to leave his home in Berlin and move to Auschwitz, where his father has been reassigned. He is reluctant to leave Berlin where he has three good friends, is close to his grandparents, and lives in a lovely home. Bruno is characterised by an endearing childhood innocence, which becomes especially poignant when he meets a young prisoner on the other side of a fence near his house. Bruno remains strikingly unaffected by the war and unmoved by the Nazi beliefs and propaganda which he confronts daily. This may well be due to his young age or the result of his character. In any case, Bruno represents man's capacity for kindness and compassion. Bruno's kindness brings his end when he sneaks into the Auschwitz camp with his friend Shmuel and they are killed horribly in a gas chamber.

In the movie, Asa Butterfield plays Bruno.

Bruno has been described as a boy who has a nice and warm heart but is also risk taking and inquisitive. We should analyse his character after the events of the novel/movie occured.