A 19 year old man that carries the rank of Lieutenant in the German SS. He is first introduced when Bruno arrives at Out With and he is coming out of the Commandant's office. He is disliked by Bruno because he scares him and because he calls him 'Little Man' in reference to his small stature. Gretel seems to fancy him because she is seen flirting with him and seems distraught when he us sent to the Front, because he is very handsome and muscular. He seems to be the stereotypical SS guard, shouting and beating the Jewish worker Pavel. When at dinner with the Commandant and his family, he reveals that his father taught Literature and fled to Switzerland four years ago ( the story is set in 1943, so he fled in 1939) which leads to suspicion from the Commandant. It is hinted that he had an affair with the Commandant 's wife, which was the real reason for the Lieutenant's transfer