Bruno is just a 9 year old boy who loves exploring. One day, his Father moves to a new house with the family (Mother, Bruno and Gretel) to Auschwitz (known as Out-With to Bruno). 

Bruno meets Shmuel, a 9 year old Jewish boy living on the other side of the fence in the camps. Bruno becomes friends with Shmuel and visits him every chance he gets bringing food. 

Bruno would like to go on the other side and Shmuel would like to go on Bruno's side, but that is not very likely. Then, Bruno gets his wish. Shmuel lets Bruno in and changes Bruno into the 'Striped Pajamas' and puts a cap on his head. They go into the gas chambers and get gassed.

Mother, Gretel and Maria (the maid) look for him but can't find him anywhere, so they ask Father (who is the commandant of the Concentration Camp) to help. Father realises what has happened and shouts out Bruno's name. Mother and Gretel finally realise and Mother starts crying for the loss of her son. Gretel, even though hating her brother, Bruno, still mourns and probably can't believe it. 

The story ends with the fading out of a door where the gas chambers are and ends with the credits. (very sad)